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Craigslist sex Homewood AL Huntsville looks like a better stopping point. Alabama Encounter. Thats a crime too. They don't see themselves as doing it for the money and that might be the case, but they want it because they know we pay. An extended stay apartment, better than most.

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She the reall deal attractive and light gfe total full service about Her ad is accurate but she is very hard to get in contact with by. And a few other pics she sent me:Yea Dan you don't want to draw too much attention. Builds her a spa room so she can service her boyfriends. Which is what I did in this case.

Strange to have 2 different s just a day or two apart. Mother nature has done a on Craigslist sex Homewood AL natural Craigslist sex Homewood AL cups and mid section. Hey Bama Dude, look over her right shoulder and see the remax realty s behind the door. The lovely lady is married but hubby approves and I never saw or heard a hint from him. She is from out of town, but says she travels here regularly. We met up at her hotel and had a good time, and I went home the next morning. Info please I was planning on calling her as a guy off here recomended her. You realize she's not real, right?

Relating to the CL and escort side, I speak from a novice aspect relating to answering CL and visiting escorts, so I'm relating what would help me if I was to decide to visit one. Attitude - ok. I've seen plenty of traffic tie-ups, but never heard of 'malfunction junction' until I moved to B'ham. Shes a good one! She's a little heavier in person now.

Throw in the lack of a phone and I would say odds are it is fish. Been fun! And Dan I've swapped two e-mails with Heather. I offer a real upscale encounter that you will make you come back for more and more. Don't expect them to be fair either. For Distinguished Upscale Gentlemen accustomed to nothing but the finest in life.

Too bad they just can't be honnest. But this is an accurate photo, don't know why she has to add the other fake photos when she is already very sexy. There is a difference between figuring something out and having it confirmed. She's even better looking than her pics and the pics are accurate and recent. She's a bit of a drive and I felt provided lackluster service.

I don't recall seeing her advertise before, but I was sure happy to find her tonight! Still don't know about Iris, but got my attention on these others. Enjoy the week end! Where did you find her and what sort of name and phone was she using. You don't want to screw up a good thing. Nice sweet personality. There's not many girls I'd pay the prices they're asking on CL to begin with anyway. Please report if you see her. Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. Do a phone search of the 2nd. The games continue Check out post and I've had those Kind of showers before.

She opened the hotel door for me as she was making her way to the elavator. Craigslist sex Homewood AL the board has been a bit dry lately in regards to good providers, SW or otherwise, that have been had. Rj you see that all the time? I've had to change everything from my pictures to my phone and my handle on this site. Even though it was a sunny day I should brought a raincoat so settled for just the oral delights. After my continuing to play it stupid, she got tired of the game. The whole area over there is over-populated enough as it is. She actualy has a body that this jerk is pushing off as this pig.

Your time spent with me will only lead to you feeling like a KING! This scares me, first this is a very very attractive lady, and only an hour. Fucking lame ass different girls. I will be calling! I know this is my first post so I will be brief saw her about six months ago when she was doing outcall to hotels only, guess times are tuff.

I just don't think they'll give a damn if you walk LOL. She's in Columbiana. This chick is young. I was inclined to believe you were referring to Atlanta, I just needed a confirmation on that detail. People need to think that this forum is to help others and to share experiences, not to pass private notes back and forth. Can they? These are similar photos she places in he ad but not accurate. Is your Mayor still going to jail? I will again. Just curious how this is all working?

When I left Sears I backtracked past the original point. An in and out date. I am here for you. She is one of the few providers, or should I say one of only two, from CL I have seen that made me feel I made a wise investment. Her Shaddow, handler, Bf or what ever you want to call them stayed out in the car.

Pics are accurate as well as the description of service. I don't know you that well and since we have never really chatted much not sure who and if you see anyone there are so many on here that post and never post info on who is real and can be seen just who they think is this or that or who they think is le. Old lost if you track s. Leave it up to the local news to tell us something that isn't that hard to figure out anyway.

Nice little circle of friends. She just wanted to have a good time. Location: bham incalls!! I will always provide very clean, safe and professional sessions. I guess "erotic" services is bad, but "adult" services is ok. However, as there were no following headlines, I may have been mistaken.

Its been fun Yall! What gets me, C. Who wants to kiss and tell? Plus some of the guys keep their ATF's to themselves, but I thought this board was for the free flow of information positive and negative. LOL - thanks - I did google the first but not the second. Just one of those lucky times where you have the location and you get there first to see her enter the building.

Redbone I have known several Creoles in my lifetime - I used to work for some Haitians Would be an interesting morning if someone had time free to sit in on the proceedings. Not real logical pricing if you ask me. Her photo says Brandi.

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